Hornby Lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse

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Dressed in stripy splendor upon the cliff top peaks of Sydney's infamous South Head, Hornby lighthouse faithfully guards the entrance to the vibrant water city of Australia's South East coastline.  Warning of the rocky perils waiting below it's very foundations the lone sentinel sends its saving light across the waves in the age all tradition of night watchmen.  A beacon of hope for so many lost upon the seas through countless generations a lighthouse is indeed still today a lasting symbol of safe harbor in our often tumultuous world.

Facing the ever changing Southern Ocean with buoyant colour the sun gently warms it's eastern face as its reaching rays climb the rocky cliff face.  The air is heavy with salty spray and the wind whips forcefully through the seaside vegetation sending it swaying back and forth like the waves below that ceaselessly lash the jagged rocks.  On the precipice of Australia, welcoming every sailor safe passage through the heads, and equally fare-welling them again when the ocean calls them out once more.

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