Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

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Come home to me,
calls the shore,
return with your catch,
your stories and your men in-store.

We are waiting on the shore like so many fishermen’s wives down through the ages, eager for news of the catch.  Ready with welcoming arms and relief in our hearts to have them back in our own eyes sight.  The day light lingers to welcome them home. 

Still too far to know of their luck, there’s a promise in the air.  Will it be a full hold, a happy homecoming with welcoming work still to be done?   It’s a time of anticipation, feel the salt breeze across your skin.  Watch the reuniting of sea and shore, come listen to the whales of fish tales to be told over a cold glass of ale.  The day is done and the sea that gives them work, that provides their living has delivering them safe and sound.

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