Gold Coast Beach

Gold Coast Beach

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The glorious Gold Coast; Queensland’s jewel tourist attraction. This landscape image of the Norths icon and the unique way it has been masterly captured has the ability to strike all chords deep within a viewer.  The expansive dreamy seascape induces a wistful mood while the urban landscape adds a bustling vibrant sense of modernity.

Sleek skyscrapers rising from the golden sands add a unique sparkling element of intrigue while tapping a nostalgic feeling of the glistening city life close to the sea.  A watery blend of fiery colours strung together across the expansive sky complement the blue waters while the sand and the sea depict a true collision of harmonious borders.  Nestle amidst it all is a glowing green stretch of lively trees and grasses gently breathing life between the city and the shore.

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