Floating at Sunrise

Floating at Sunrise

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Up with the sun we float above the swirling mist on a silent frosty morn, rising with heat and riding the invisible currents high above the safe solid ground.  Nothing between us and the void but a woven wicker basket strapped to a giant silk balloon.  Undeniably the most romantic way to transverse the landscape we slip gently along while the veiled earth below rushes past us in cheeky glimpses between the foggy morning shroud.

Intrepid partners on the journey our fellow Balloons drift in and out of our path, too far to call to but equally part of the adventure letting us see their form as they in return must see ourselves. Flightless creatures too spirited to be tied to the ground by lack of feathers and wings, we've taken to the wide blue yonder on a whim, on a thrill seeking quest to view of the world from above and a soaring wish to fly.

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