F-One Eleven

F-One Eleven

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 I feel the need; check out the fiery reflections from the F111 Aardvarks own dump and burn lighting up the tail of this incredible machine.  This low flying strike plane lights up the sky around it, capable of super sonic speed and incredible agility what an impressive sight to see it in action.  Energy ripples through the expectant crowd gathered for this favorite moment of the nights displays and no one is disappointed at the spectacle.

The need for speed; feel the heat left floating to earth on its trail, almost out of sight before we even hear those powerful jet engines whine overhead, adrenaline shoots through our system watching from the ground.  We can't help but imagine ourselves in the cockpit, joystick between our legs, fingers poised over the controls, strapped in for the ultimate adventure and scared witless from the shear audacity of flight at it's extreme.  Perhaps watching it pass above is enough excitement after all.

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