Dune Grass

Dune Grass

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A salty breeze, the wide blue sky, golden sands, a seagulls cry.  Soaking up the warm rays of sun while you listen to the rolling waves crash upon the sandy shore a lulling rhythmic symphony, the sound of summer holidays. A gently wafting breeze tickles your skin as you let the warm grainy sand trickle slowly through your fingers. Fluffy white cotton balls of clouds float sedately through the brilliant blue sky overhead while you day dream the day away.

Such a lazy carefree day at the beach, yours to enjoy at leisure, paddle in the frothy turquoise waves or stroll along the endless stretch of pristine golden sands. Comb the beach for sea shells or venture further out for a refreshing dip maybe even try a little body surfing.  It's your paradise and yours alone, go, the sea is calling...

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