Dove Lake

Dove Lake

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Standing at the edge of the crystal clear lake we can see right down into the vividly transparent waters to view the aquatic plants and colourful rocks.  We're in the middle of one of the worlds foremost pristine wilderness environments, high up in the Tasmanian central highlands at the foot of Cradle Mountain.  You can not get air more fresh, more beautiful translucent light as this most southern of natures wonderlands.

Posited in scraggy rustic plant life and rooted down in the frigid lake waters the old boat shed stands sedately at home in paradise.  Unobtrusive to it's wilderness location the weathered structure soaks up the mornings rays on one of those rare days when the mighty mountain has peered out behind it's usually veiling cloud of fog.  If you stand here long enough in the absolute silence of the damp vegetation you will see stubby little wombats wander down to drink the sweet mountain waters before once again ambling away to blend into the environment.  

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