Dawn Watcher

Dawn Watcher

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The nights chill is slowly evaporating in the morning air as the dawning sun stretches across the ocean horizon in a golden orb of warmth and light.  The new day is here, fresh and eager to greet the world, painting it bright and glossy in its glow across the bouncing waves.  Tirelessly rolling in and out the foamy topped waves have washed clean the fine yellow sand now laying fresh as the new day.

The ocean breeze, sweet and tangy on our lips, playfully stirs the tufted grasses and our hair in swirling movements across the landscape.  Fine grains of cool sand cling longingly to our feet tempting us to stay in the blissful paradise so quiet and serene it seeps into our souls.  Lazy clouds drift aimlessly by on the clear blue canvas, alone with our thoughts, away from our worries we sit and soak in the dawn.

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