Curved Avenue

Curved Avenue

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Walk with me, let's follow the sweeping bend through the gentle mist and discover what's round the corner.  Autumn is upon us in all it's scattered golden glory, stroll along and take it in.  Every leaf has changed with the season, dress more brightly now it's final days then with it's new born burst at the beginning of spring.  Dance in my shed leaves call the trees down from above us, hear them crinkle in delight with each step, picked up by the wind in rustling glee and tumbled disheveled once more upon the trodden path.

Guiding our way as we amble into this captivating scene the uniform white trunks stand guard like Royal Soldiers on parade with their top heavy hats impressively trimmed and glowing.  "This way," they call us on, the coast is clear even though we are not quite sure what lays ahead, a mystery waiting for you to discover it.

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