Crawleys Sunrise III

Crawleys Sunrise III

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Sitting quietly out upon the Swan River the old blue boat shed seems heavenly lit by the golden sun slowly rising over Perth.  In a mirror of perfection the still river waters reflect the structures twin back across to us in the early morning light.  While the golden horizon stretches out beneath the jetty highlighting the scattered billowy clouds across the wide blue sky.  A perfect dawn, a new day grows bright before our eyes as the sparkling waters silently flow by at our feet.

Shall we venture forth along the jetty and to check the boats secured within their quaint blue home, maybe take one out to row upon the river or will we just sit and drink in the dawning day before us.  Get lost in the sunrises warm glow, while the sleepy morn stretches its yawning arms across the sky to brush off the fading night and greet this perfect Perth day.

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