Cradle Mountain, TAS

Cradle Mountain, TAS

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Behold this stunning view of Cradle Mountain overlooking the furry pines across Dove Lake in the late afternoon light.  Notice its uniquely formed formidable steep sides and the rocky tongues created from a millennium of harsh winters slowly weathering the softer crevices to craft the mountains ribs.

Step in and immerse yourself into this image, can you feel the onset of the evening cool, the rustling wind playing through the grass and trees, and the soft sound of trickling water flowing mindlessly ever downwards to be collected in the chilly crystal waters of the lake.

In autumn the ragged mountain slopes and surrounding hinterland are sprinkled with amazing colours, dotted with brilliant copper-orange hues of the fagus trees and lesser species.  And then with the days growing shorter and dimmer the landscape slowly dissolves into a sheet of white as the winter sets in, once again to be turned into spring followed by summer.  Magically it all comes back to life again, showing off its new fashion dress for all to see.

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