Goan Water Hole (260pcs)

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The Goan Water Hole

This painting is about the Goan Water Hole that never dries up, it is always full. Many years ago our tribal elder (wise man) to call on the rainbow serpent (giant snake), Biamie (our god) and Gulna (mother earth) to help the rainbow serpent burrow his way from the sea to the Goan Water Hole to keep it full of water.

In the big droughts the Goan Water Hole used to dry up, but since the rainbow serpent burrow his way from the sea to the Goan Water Hole its always full and Gulna cleans the water as it gets to the Goan Water Hole, so our tribal people and the animals have water. Environmentalists checked if the Goan Water Hole has an under ground spring and it doesn't, they cannot explain it, but that's why the Goan Water Hole is always full of water.


The white figure at the top left of the painting with lines and dots coming off him is Biamie. The white figure at the bottom right of the painting is Gulna. "Black" is our elder.

The patch dots are the plants and the trees. The black wiggly circles with wiggly circles inside them is the desert. The bottom right is a blue quarter wiggly circle with dots and the raining serpents tail is the sea. The big wiggly blue circle with circle dots and the rainbow serpents head coming out of it is the Guan Water Hole.

SKILL LEVEL:  Medium, designed for the person that likes a challenge, but does not want to be too challenged.

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