Cobblestone Street

Cobblestone Street

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You aren’t a bystander by any means in this image; you are the person that is shuffling up this quaint Old Town street, passing strangers hunched under their umbrellas.  The absence of intrusive cars creates an uninterrupted pace to go about your day in safe leisure.  The photographer adds depth to the glistening cobblestones with the forward-facing shadows of strangers as they walk by, absorbed in their thoughts. He emphasises the slight veil of drizzle with particular attention on the gentleman’s black umbrella, shopping bag, and shuffling legs.

The blurring of detail adds movement to this image and you can’t help but visualise yourself entering the scene and casually stroll past the gentleman with his purchases.  The photographer tempts you further with the eye-catching restaurant sign and freshly set tables – will you carry on or divert your walk?  Perhaps pause to read the chalk script board and find a cosy corner table for a tasty little pick me up.  The choice is entirely yours. 

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