Cascade Falls I

Cascade Falls I

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The fresh winter air is cold and clean in the lungs and tingles on the way down revitalising your body with every crisp breath.  Birds sing out from the native trees, calling back and forth to each other of our presences in their world and the flitter about their business when they are assured we've only come to witness the beauty they live amidst.  Also the tinkling sound of the crystal waters reaches our ears, rushing musically over the mossy rocks and cascading ever downwards in its search for the sea.

The pristine bushland is a balm to the weary traveller, an escape from the busy lives we briefly escape to come and revive ourselves in natures healing wonders.  Look around, Wombats wonder here, Bilby's bounce and Possums scurry, this is a haven to enjoy, to walk and watch and rest.  Enjoy your stay!

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