Busselton Jetty I

Busselton Jetty I

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Stretching almost 2km into the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coastline Busselton Jetty is the longest timber jetty in the world.  Built and extended between 1853 and 1960 because the shallow waters of Geographe Bay restricted ship movement, the long jetty was required to transport cut timber cargo to waiting ships.  It served this purpose up until 1972 at which time the jetty's control was passed over to the local shire who have been restoring and up keeping the structure ever since.

Wanting to capture this historical jetty and magnificent scene to it's fullest potential I arrived very early to photograph in the predawn light also predicting the beach would be blissfully deserted and the lights still burning along the full length of the pier.  This eastern view really demonstrates just how far the old timbers stretch out into the ocean waters, looking close you can see right to the very end.

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