Busselton Jetty I

Busselton Jetty I

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As evening settles over the wide stretch of white sands the lights of Busselton Jetty splutter to life and twinkle out at us.  The ocean is sleepy, calmly lapping the pristine beach in the twilight atmosphere of this quaint Australia sea side town.  A gentle soft breeze floats in over the water barely stirring our hair as we wander down towards the piers for quiet beach stroll.

Ever so slowly the blue sky is fading into the distance, soon the first stars will appear above us in sparkling pin pricks dazzling us with their display.  Shall we stroll out along the Jetty and watch them come appearing one by one in the night sky, or sit upon these soft warm sands and listen to the waves gently swirling up and down the beach.  A busy day is ending and the perfect night descends around us, linger here a while, drink it in.

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