Burleigh Shoreline

Burleigh Shoreline

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Day is dawning, sweeping in across the Coral Sea to waken Australia with it's warm tropical sun rays, time to rise and shine.  In the muted milky light swirling clouds linger on the distant horizon drawing their life from the ocean surface.  The ocean swells and breathes, alive with currents and tides, ever moving to lap itself against the Queensland Coast in an eternal ballet of ebb and flow.  A timeless dance of the attracting forces in nature, land and sea, the weathers unpredictability and natures everlasting cycles.

Pouring itself over the granite like boulders of the break, the ocean appears ghost like and smokey in its movements.  An unnatural mist, a cauldron of boiling magic potions, mysterious and elusive like the oceans depths unseen.  The early mornings filtered light captivates our senses in the transition from night to day, a magical time to experience, up before the world, on the edge of morning itself.

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