Brumby Muster II

Brumby Muster II

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 From out of the water like mystical fabled beasts they rise to sweep up the sandy river bank.  Water droplets flung high at their sides seem defiantly to hang in the air as they hurry past without a glance spared for the translucent river water under hoof.  Rich green foliage abundantly quenched on the rivers edge bends and sways, waving the travelers past on their ritual run like adoring fans.

Notice the graceful curve of long necks carrying high the noble heads with their pricked ears and flowing manes.  The muscle limbs striding forth with sure confidence moving effortlessly under glistening coats of rust, brown and white, followed by flickering tails freshly wet and dripping.  As the sun lovingly lights there every movement we wonder where they rush to in this magical scene, does it matter, perhaps the destination is to gallop and play.

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