Brumby Muster I

Brumby Muster I

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Feel the earth tremor with hundreds of pounding hoof-beats as these magnificent creatures round the twisting track and plunge through the flowing river crossing.  Excitement prickles the back of your neck to witness such an epic sight captured here before us.  Flowing manes, splashing froth, striding legs and gracefully curved necks with heads so stately held they proudly display the beauty nature bestowed upon them.

The contagious energy ripples across the waters surface to reach us on this bank, pulsating around us, drawing us in, who could not be deeply moved at such a feast for the senses.  Be swept away with this flight of freedom running across the canvas in frolicking beauty.  Listen to the watery splashes driven high by four hundred fleeting legs fall down again to meet the trampled water with a plopping rush.  Follow the mobs pointed ears up to the escarpment from whence they came and then let your gaze circle back down to catch the shimmering reflection in the soon to be disturbed water out our feet.  This image is alive and racing, come in; be part of the magic.

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