Balance Rock Beach

Balance Rock Beach

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Wandering the deserted New Zealand coastline you can imagine yourself alone in the world completely, the azure blue ocean stretches forever out to the horizon and nature sweeps around your back to completely guard your solitude.  The salty breeze fresh and biting tingles the skin as the sun warms as from above, we stand under the bluest of wide open skies on the planet.  The smooth rocked strewn beach hardly leaves our footprints as we pass, a fleeting memory in the ancient sleepy land of ageless myths and legends.

Yet we find evidence in front of us of humanity that came before us.  Precariously balanced one upon the next the smooth flat rocks stacked upon standing driftwood like some form of prehistoric sculpture.  Nature rearranged by man alone in the wild, left to intrigue us, maybe even to entice us to further discoveries.

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