Avenue of the Giants

Avenue of the Giants

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In a land of sleeping giants we roll down the winding road with the windows down so the cool forest breeze floats through the car filling it in a pine fresh scent.  The light falls softly down in the green hued mist filtered by a billion feathery leaves that gently wave us on.  Weaving our way through the towering straight trunks that rise never endingly on either side of our passage we marvel at their mammoth size and formidable strength. Natures mighty triumph of the giant Redwood and awe inspiring sight to behold.

The road calls us further on into the deep compact forest heart, tempting us with its sweeping curves and hidden surprises.  What's around the bend, adventure beckon us, do Dragons really exist?  If so, they would surely make their home here in the breathing heart of the forest giants.


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