Arthurs Pass

Arthurs Pass

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At the foot of these majestic mountain peaks a gentle streams meanders its way along the gentle slope to eventually find the sea.  Following its flowing waters upstream we wander through this beautiful wilderness of wild grassy plains and shady forest pines.  The air fresh on our cheeks and the sun warm on our backs, we edge ever closer to the feet of the sleeping snow capped giants.

Sitting to rest a while in paradise, we cup our hands and drink from the fresh mountain stream, watching the swift moving water tumble past us over the smooth round rocks.  Native song birds sing nearby in the treetops, calling to each other of the perfect day as billowing white clouds drift aimlessly overhead.  A tranquil spot to fill our hearts with natures pristine glory, the perfect location to forget your worries and waste your time in harmony with the world around you.

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