Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Travel

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Digitally created paint stokes give texture and form to the icy background thus making a stark and poignant backdrop to the contrasting red white and blue hues of the ship "Ushuia".  Reflection of the mammoth ice shoreline and askew mirror image of the ship created from the wash of the zodiac bring movement and life to the image.  Sheer size and the obvious temperament conditions reminds us how magnificent nature is and how insignificant man is, seated within the zodiac.

The lone figure positioned on the forecastle gives us subtle perspective of the ship as it lies in wait, patiently watching for the return of the disembarked adventurers so it may continue its icy journey of discovery.   The artist’s capture of the Antarctic Travel shows us what an amazing eye for detail, light and colour he has.  Capturing our attention and allowing us fabulous stories to create within our own imagination.  An invitation to step aboard our own adventure?

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