Afternoon Highlight

Afternoon Highlight

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Golden light streams down from the fading afternoon sky and almost purposefully illuminates this lone standing tree in a field of green.  That perfect time of day, when the world around us turns luminescent and softly radiant, a magical time between the extremes of day and night, a fleeting time of perfection.

Roam through these grassy paddocks and feel the country air fresh as wild daisies and gentle flowing creeks.  Follow the trodden cow trails over the gently rolling hills and down through the valleys in search of sweet water springs.  Enjoy the last the day has to offer, the birds are returning to roost for the night, the stars are waiting to light the far reaches above us and it's time to head for home ourselves.  Our thoughts turn to a big hearty family dinner at the farm house, time to put your feet up and enjoy the view.

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