Broadwater Sunset

Broadwater Sunset

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As the sun turns the sky brilliant shades of red and gold. The endless ocean stretches away, ceaselessly lapping at the shore, while the lush green parklands lie still, as if pausing before the rush of the city in the distance. Another beautiful summer day in paradise.

With the city skyline mirroring the shoreline into the distance, the parklands in the foreground offer a calming reprieve from the urban cityscape. The ocean is peppered with water traffic, blurring the lines between the business and leisure roles of this great city. Building sandcastles with the kids before breakfast? A surf at the end of a busy day? This picture speaks to the connectedness of this city to it's surf, and reminds us to look up at the artwork in the sky, look out to the ocean at our doorstep and feel the grass at our feet.

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