Owl Canyon II

Owl Canyon II

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Come; follow the translucent light rushing through this earthy cavernous tunnel of streaky weathered lines and ghostly hollow pockets, look carefully at this a close-up view of marvels forged in nature left only for the adventurous to witness. The shades of red, brown and burnt orange pop out at you, entrapping you in the warmth of their environment.

The smooth grains along the steep carved rocks flow effortlessly through the deep canyon carrying your eyes along with them. Move with the photographer as he twisted and climbed through tight passageways searching out the perfect shot of the arching twists and sweeping curves. Do you feel the itch to run your hand along it, to find out if it is as smooth as it appears, and call out – just to have your voice bounce off the canyon walls and circle back to greet your ears again in ringing distorted tones?

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