Grand Canal

Grand Canal

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A drift on the romantic canals of this majestic old city the ever busy ferry boats float by underneath us. There is happy chattering in the air of the wandering tourists exploring the walkways and waterways of Venice in rapt enthrall. The sun shines warmly down upon the faded multitude of colours, the slowly sinking houses wade knee deep in salty water when the tide rolls in. Surely the most spectacular of cities, unmistakable in its charm and character, the jewel of Italy.

Standing on this ancient stone bridge that reaches across the watery street we feel the ocean breeze of open water at our backs. There are fragrant smells wafting past from the many vibrant restaurants and market delights. Tempting treats for the stomach to go with the visual feast for our eyes. The magic of Venice, a colourful watery city, laid back Italian charm full of so much romance and history, a scene fit for Casanova himself.

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