Sand Dunes II

Sand Dunes II

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Whispering on the wind the sand dunes gently call us with a "what are you waiting for" look it portrays. Presented here in monochromatic tones the sand dune invites us to find our adventurous spirit and climb the sloping banks. The skies dark background highlight the dunes form paint it with pale pleasing light, it represents that unconscious feeling night time brings. The deceptive height of the slippery dune dares brave climbers who want to experience that conquering feeling and see into the distant vista from the apex.

The artist has seamlessly blended the black and white hues perfectly to create an accurate symbolization, and let's feel the finicky winds that pick up the fine golden grains hurling them into the air to find a new resting place once again. Life is ever changing out here, mountains move on the wind forming a new landscape everyday.

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