The Pinnacles II

The Pinnacles II

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It is that glorious hour where the daylight glow warmly touches down everywhere on this incredible desert landscape. The image has captured these brutish pinnacles silhouetted against their black shadows, the distinct contrast of colour and shadow makes evident their weathered surfaces while the daylights radiation enhances their unique warmth and character making them glow gently like lanterns on a sandy sky.

These natural gems tucked between the sandy barren brown desert and the sea offer an abundance of immense Australian beauty. Sailing above on a coastal breeze are dotted clouds hanging like cotton candy in the royal blue sky. The sun reaches down from on high to illuminate the golden sand underneath our feet that warms our soles and bounces up to the rock faces and highlights the brown blur of dust swirled across the landscape. How amazing are these extraordinary formations and how they defy the ground by standing tall and proud in this unforgiving landscape.

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