Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

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Standing like figures on a chess board, the towering, white and blue of the Cape Byron Light house and the lesser Keeper buildings give us an insight to the life of a lighthouse keeper, into a time that was dark and dangerous. A time when naught could be discerned save by the light of the moon and stars, a time of sea passage that was fraught with peril from the hidden dangers of the shadowed coastline.

That was until 1901 when the completed lighthouse was able to emit its beacons of light to aid in navigation, today the lighthouse is fully automated sending out a white flash at 15 second intervals across 40km of sea. Cape Byron Lighthouse stands on the most easterly coastal point of mainland Australia and is the most powerful lighthouse in Australia with a light intensity of 2,200,000 candela, guiding the way to safer harbour.

The Artist has chosen to capture this image with the early morning glow of the sun pressing its pale golden kisses on the historic buildings as it rises above the horizon to reveal the colour and splendour of the imminent day. The Cape Byron lighthouse stands tall, resplendent against its backdrop of azure sky. Far off in the distance across the span of the sea fluffy white clouds are also rolling in to make their start to the day.

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