Sunrise Surfer I

Sunrise Surfer I

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Forget the early bird catching the worm, the best way to rise is with the waves and the steady beat of the water in your ears. Feel your skin prickle up at the thought of the sun rising over the ocean in the morning, but it is a rush that is unlike any other. The photographer hasn’t captured a typical blue-hued ocean, but a mix of sandy-green and golden yellow as the waves tumble over with the surfer close behind. The sea spray jumps into the air like spitfire, igniting under the increasing sunlight.

The coolness of the sea literally blows any trace of sleep out of your system, and you break through the surface feeling like you can take on the world. Will you admire the surfer’s morning ritual while taking a casual stroll along the shore or are you wading through the water with your surfboard under your arm for your own wake-up call?

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