Autumn Balloons

Autumn Balloons

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On a clear and crisp Canberra morning hot air balloons float their way across the mirrored waters of Lake Burley Griffin.  With over 40km of shoreline this magnificent lake in the center of the Australian Capital city is clothed in autumns golden colours adorning the parks and walkways in a blaze of beauty.  In 1963 Molonglo River was man-made and since has proven to be an ideal aqua playground, both spectacularly viewed from the air or down by the waters edge as Jaime has captured here so eloquently.

Mirroring themselves on the waters flat surface the twin balloons drift above the city of circles creating a picturesque view for us below.  Reflections really do make the world twice as beautiful and there is nothing more calming to the soul than being by the water.

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