Sunflower Sunrise (Desktop Frame)

Sunflower Sunrise (Desktop Frame)

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The 50 km stretch of road from Warwick to Allora in South East, Queensland is host to a glorious display of golden giants standing proudly reminding locals and visitors that summer is still in full swing.  Coming into bloom from as early as October, with a few crops holding on until the later days in March, the giant flowers adorning the Warwick sunflower fields are a spectacular sight setting waves of gold against black soil, lush green crops, and deep red sorghum. 

Making sure to pay due respect to the farmers hard labour by not encroaching on his valuable crop I captured this image from the road side taking height advantage by standing on my trusty Nissan's roof.  The large golden faces bowed to the falling sun at my back nodded their heads in my direction while the distant horizon glowed prettily of pastel pinks and blues with the fading daylight.

Our desktop frames are 100% Australian Made here in Queensland and are printed onto a 260gsm gloss lustre paper, overall finished frame size is 13"x6" (@33 x 15.5cm), with the image size being 10.5"x3.5" (@27 x 9cm), packaged in bubble wrap inside a protective cardboard gift box/carton.

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