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All of the images are of a square [ 1 to 1 ] Ratio, 11" by 11" standard image size or a larger 16"x 16" image size, and may be purchased as a print only or a finished ready to hang quality frame using genuine wooden mouldings, double archival matts and clarity glass.  

Every image in this collection has been captured in the field by Jaime Dormer with a camera.  After being selected for this series for its individual beauty it was square cropped and process with particular filters and editing tools to create a timeless painterly finish for you to enjoy.  Thus making the images a unique blend of photography and digital art or as we like to call it at JDP Photo Art.

A real beneficial aspect of all the individual images being treated with the same style is that any two or three or even more images you choose from the collection will affectively match together flattering each other when hung side by side on your wall.  This allows you to design you art space in a variety of ways to compliment your home or office.  For instance a row of three or grid of four of your favourite images will look fantastic together even though they all may have been captured on different continents in different seasons around the world.

Scrolling through the many varied images in the collection is just like taking a round the world voyage of discovery.  Visiting every one of the world’s seven continents and scouring the landscapes for nature’s beauty and man’s ingenuity JD has collected a truly international collection of the world’s most beautiful, exotic and iconic locations.  Often capturing moods, seasons, locals, atmospheres and feelings as much as sight, the images represent being there to experience the location yourself.   A window on your wall to your favourite chosen destinations, an invitation to dream yourself into an alternate reality.  Imagine yourself exploring, the sounds, the smells, step through your portal and escape.

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