#3 Renovations Continue

Posted by Jaime Dormer on

Well the boys have been at it for a few days now, they are starting to settle into a routine, I have been intervening regularly to ensure that what designs I wanted were being implemented as the build progresses.

I have decided to include in the walls behind the plaster a section of plywood that will allow framed pictures to be hung on the wall using screws rather than using a wire hanging system or one of the many other methods.  This allows the prints to hang vertically, not leaning slightly forward, and that there are no other distractions around the frame when displayed.

The Unit has two huge windows that face out onto the street over a local park, I am creating removable walls that will have black plastic adhered to the structural frame to avoid seeing the wall structure through the tinted windows at certain times of day.

We are replacing the toilet block and installing a kitchenette/bar area in the corner, this will allow drinks stored & severed.



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